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Eagle Scout project

by Jonah Reardon

    PTSD Videos (Streaming FLV format):

    PTSD explained by Jason Moon

    How to talk to a Veteran by Jason Moon

    NCIS clips on PTSD

    Full Discussion (1 hr 12 minutes)

    Streaming sound file of Discussion at the event.


    Additional Information and content:

    Click here for a radio Interview of Jason Moon explaining the seven things that you never want to say to a Veteran with PTSD.

    If you want to see the entire movie "On the Bridge" that was screened before the Discussion, it can be streamed from a Video on Demand site found here.


    PTSD Videos:

    (be patient... no streaming here...)


Inside La Grange - a new Magazine by "hibu Manufacturing" is introduced.

Read the full page article about this Eagle Project by Clicking Here .

Eagle Project in the News



For his Eagle Service Project, on November 24th, 2012, Jonah screened a documentary movie and hosted a discussion regarding the epidemic of PTSD in Veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a serious subject which is deeply effecting those who have fought in the Middle East.

Although the project was successful and the project summary has been submitted, the need remains. This page will remain open to share information as it becomes available.


On Saturday, November 24th, 2012 at 10:00AM as part of an Eagle Scout Service Project, Jonah Reardon screened a 90 minute documentary about how PTSD is affecting the soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan at the LaGrange Theatre. The movie is called "On the Bridge" by Olivier Morel.

PTSD: or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, designates psychological injuries or other troubles related to extreme psychological shock.

For many Veterans, it is only after they return home that they can begin to process the emotions associated with their war experiences. They find themselves devastated and emotionally broken. Unable to sleep, angry and in emotional turmoil, they have a difficult time relating to their loved ones. Re-entering society, finding employment and regaining the life they left behind before the war is all but impossible without help. War related trauma has caused untold pain to those returning from combat, their families, and the community.

A war without rules, based on lies about the weapons of mass destruction that they would find, forced to suspect any member of the native population, including children, it is hard for them to justify their actions and process their emotions. Many are so desperate that they contemplate or carry out suicide. The statistics regarding the large numbers afflicted with PTSD and its effects are staggering.

2 out of every 5 combat soldiers are coming back home with PTSD. The remaining 3 out of the 5 are likely to deal with PTSD at some point later in their life. Many suffering from PTSD turn to alcohol and drugs to relieve the pain. When that doesn't work, they turn to suicide. The national suicide hotline recieves over 1500 calls from Veterans each day. In the past 12 months the suicide rate has shot up to an average of 23 suicides per day.

War time casualty reports only give a battlefield body count, which are miniscule compared to the number of deaths related to PTSD and emotional trauma. These number will continue to climb long after our Troops withdraw from the Middle East.

This topic needs to be discussed from grass roots to National Leadership. Do we really understand the price that we are paying for these on-going wars and the effects that it is having on our youth?

"On the Bridge" features young men and women from our local area who have fought and returned home. It is THEIR story.

Members of the panel included singer/songwriter Jason Moon who is a Veteran featured in the movie, the director Olivier Morel, Command Sgt. Maj. Mark Bowman - commander of the National Guard and Reserve land forces for Illinois. In addition we invited Dr. Joseph Yount a psychologist with the Jesse Hines VA in Chicago.

More information about the documentary can be found at

Jason Moon has two web sites: Jason Moon - Singer / Songwriter and Warrior Songs, a non-profit organization bringing hope and healing to veterans through music! Please support his organization by donating to his cause.

More about Jason: Warrior Songs was founded by Jason Moon, singer songwriter and Iraq War Veteran. Jason served in Iraq 2003 – 2004 as a General Construction Equipment Operator in a combat engineer battalion. He was honorably discharged from the Wisconsin Army National Guard in August 2004.

After returning home Jason struggled with the challenge of reintegrating into civilian life. He became plagued with insomnia, depression, hyper vigilance, nightmares, and numerous other symptoms.

Prior to his deployment Jason had been a singer/songwriter, but after the war he found himself unable to create music. Overcome with strong emotions about his combat experience, Jason was unable to finish a single song. Troubled by the changes in himself, Jason sought treatment and was diagnosed with PTSD.

The road to healing was extremely difficult, culminating in a failed suicide attempt in 2008. After being released from the hospital, Jason vowed to no longer allow PTSD to control his life. He took a more vigorous approach in healing and began connecting with other veterans suffering similar challenges.

In 2009 Jason was interviewed for the documentary “On the Bridge” and was asked to record one of his original songs for the credit roll. This energized him to begin to write music in earnest again, and led to the creation of his latest CD Trying to Find My Way Home, which chronicles Jason’s journey in overcoming the difficulties of living with PTSD.

In 2011 Jason toured the country which resulted in a great number of veterans testifying to the power and positive effect of his music on their own journey to recovery. He was able to turn his pain and struggles into something they could relate to – music.

Jason felt that other veterans could benefit from the cathartic process of creating music, and thus took steps to form and develop Warrior Songs, a non-profit organization bringing hope and healing to veterans through music! . . ©2012 - Warrior Songs - All Rights Reserved







A scout is brave.

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